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Petition to Graduate

By the end of the junior year, the registrar requires you to file a petition to graduate, in which you spell out the major(s) and minor(s) that you expect to complete and the date by which you plan to graduate. This form should be filled out in consultation with your Cognitive Science Advisor. You should prepare for this meeting by assembling a list of the following

  1. The courses you've taken toward the Cognitive Science major
  2. The courses you are currently taking
  3. A sample set of courses that you could take in your remaining quarters
    • These are potential courses you could take that would satisfy the major requirements, assembling the best information you can about when they would be offered (e.g. "Spring of next year") based on department schedules (e.g. this page for Psychology) or past offerings.

Neither we or the registrar will hold you to taking those particular courses you suggest; the purpose is to ensure that there is at least one path to graduation for you, and you can alter this path as you progress.

If you have a second major or a minor in any fields with coursework that overlaps with Cognitive Science (e.g. Psychology, Computer Science), please also bring a list of your coursework in this programl; this will help your advisor ensure that any double-counted or overlapping courses are assigned properly.

You can use the worksheets available here to track your progress in your major and college requirements.

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