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Independent Study

Independent Study in Cognitive Science (COG SCI 399)

COG SCI 399-0 provides course credit to students who choose to do mentored independent research in Cognitive Science. Content varies widely, reflecting the variety of questions asked and methods used in cognitive science research. However, all COG SCI 399 experiences should provide substantial training in and exposure to research. Students should become familiar with research questions being addressed in a particular area, the methods used to address it, and relevant findings.  In many cases, students will be involved in specific research studies in departments/programs related to cognitive science.

Key characteristics of COG SCI 399:

To apply to participate in COG SCI 399, please fill out this form, and share with your supervising faculty member.  They can work with you to determine a basis for grading.  Once you have obtained their signature, please send the form to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  You can submit your form as soon as registration for the relevant quarter begins.  Forms must be received no later than one week before the start of the quarter (and preferably sooner).