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Cog Sci Club

Connect With Cog Sci Undergraduates

Cog Sci Club brings together undergraduate students in cognitive science to connect with one another, explore the field, and learn about the opportunities that await them as cog sci students. Students in the club organize quarterly events during the academic year. Past events have included meet-and-greets to connect with one another, information sessions for prospective majors/minors, alumni panel discussions, research presentations, and more! The club also facilitates connecting cog sci students with one another and with prospective students for one-on-one or small group discussions. 

2023-24 Co-Presidents & Executive Board

Co- Presidents

Ashley Guo & Jacob Milendorf

Executive Board: 

Connect with us!

Interested in learning more about Cog Sci club or connecting with fellow cog sci students? Please contact club Co-Presidents : Ashley Guo & Jacob Milendorf or Cognitive Science's Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Erin Leddon