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Cognitive Science Travel Grants

To facilitate research in the Cognitive Sciences, and to enable Cognitive Science Specialists to acquire the benefits of participating in academic conferences, the Northwestern University Cognitive Science Program is making available travel grants of $500 to attend conferences relevant to Cognitive Science.

These grants are awarded on four separate deadlines, one each quarter. The number of travel awards given out over the year will not change.  


  • Fall Quarter:  August 31st
    • (for conference acceptances September/October/November)
  • Winter Quarter: November 30th
    • (for conference acceptances December/January/February)
  • Spring Quarter: February 28th
    • (for conference acceptances March/April/May)
  • Summer Quarter: May 31st
    • (for conference acceptances June/July/August)

Students must apply prior to the first date of the virtual conference or conference travel, but no more than 3 months in advance. All requests are considered and approved based on funding availability.  Funds will be transferred to home department for submission of one expense report per conference.  All requests for reimbursements must be submitted and processed before August 31st of the current academic year.


  • The student must be a Cognitive Science Specialist.
  • The conference should pertain to Cognitive Science:
    • Interdisciplinary conferences such as Cognitive Science are included. In addition, conferences that focus on a particular discipline within Cognitive Science—e.g., Psychonomics, AAAI, AERA, LSA, the Boston University Conference on Language Development, etc.—are also included.
  • The student’s work must have already been accepted. The student may be presenting their work either as a paper or poster (as appropriate for the conference). Funds for merely attending a conference will not be awarded. All else being equal, preference will be given to first-authored presentations.

Finally, each Cognitive Science specialist may only submit one Travel Grant application proposal during the current academic year. Furthermore, if there are more submissions than available awards for a given cycle, preference will be given to students who did not receive a travel award in the previous academic year.


Please fill out the application here, including a proposal of 300 words or less that (1) describes the importance of this conference in relation to your field of study; and (2) outlines a budget of the approximate costs.