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Another way in which many students become involved in research is the senior honors program. Students eligible for honors should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the early spring of their junior year. A strong academic record with a 3.5 GPA in the major is expected but exceptions may be considered.   Those wishing to pursue honors will prepare a thesis proposal in consultation with the faculty member who will oversee the project, and present this proposal, including the identification of a second reader, to the Program Committee for review.  Proposals approved by the Committee will be considered for Honors upon their completion.  Students will normally enroll in CogSci 398 in the Fall and Winter terms of their senior year to allow them sufficient time in their schedules for completion of a substantial project of sufficiently high quality.  With the permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies, one quarter of 399 may substitute for one quarter of 398.

Students whose projects, theses, and grades meet program criteria will present their work at the annual Cog Sci Fest talk symposium and are recommended to the college for graduation with honors.

For more information, please contact the Cognitive Science Undergraduate Advisor.

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