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First-Year Focus

´╗┐´╗┐Courses Open to First-year Students

The new requirements for the Cognitive Science major and minor will appear in the Fall 2021 catalog, and can also be viewed here: Cognitive Science Major & Cognitive Science Minor 

There are 2 introductory Cognitive Science courses that are required for the major and the minor. Each course is taught once a year and they may be taken in any order.

CogSci 110: Introduction to Cognitive Science

  • This course introduces students to cognitive science through the lens of many different disciplines. Become familiar with and invested in cognitive science research, focusing on big themes in the study of the mind and mental representation, exemplified by interdisciplinary work conducted at Northwestern University

CogSci 202: Evaluating Evidence

  • This course will teach you to evaluate the evidence of others - and to marshal your own - across science, politics, society, health, education, and industry. Assignments and readings will focus on real¬world questions drawn from newspaper articles, podcasts, and op-eds, as well as the research literature and data science media that collect and evaluate empirical evidence.


erinleddon168x210.jpgDr. Erin Leddon is the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Cognitive Science. To set up a meeting with her, please send an email to In the email, please say why you would like a meeting, and please include a copy of your current transcript (if possible) and a Major / Minor Worksheet.

When filling out the worksheet, please be sure to include which quarter you took the class (even though the form only asks for a Y/N response). Having a copy of this worksheet will greatly streamline the meeting!

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