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Dr. Penny Lewis, 4:00pm October 11th, 2016

Dr. Penny Lewis

Cardiff University

    Tuesday, October 11th
    Swift 107
    Reception to Follow 

Exploring sleep's impact on memory with targeted memory reactivation

Memories are neurally replayed during sleep, and this is important for their consolidation and integration with prior knowledge.  Targeted Memory Reactivation (TMR) is a technique which can be used to trigger the replay of specific memories on demand.  In this talk I will first describe a study which suggests that sleep plays a role the in integrating new information into pre-existing knowledge frameworks (or schemas).  I will next describe two studies which use TMR to examine a) the role memory replay in facilitating the emergence of explicit knowledge from implicitly learned material, and b) the role of memory replay in reducing emotional content of memories.  I will finish up by discussing a new method for identifying TMR cued replay in sleep using EEG classifiers.