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Advanced Cognitive Science Fellowships

There are four one-year fellowships for continuing students. The students receive a University Fellowship and also receive a one-time grant of $500 to be used for travel to conferences in their field. These are intended to foster interdisciplinary research in cognitive Science, and are quite competitive. Each proposal must be sponsored by faculty member from two different disciplines (in most cases, faculty from different departments). These fellowships are awarded on the basis of quality and interdisciplinarity of the proposed research, the student's record in the program, and the faculty letters. We routinely receive many more good proposals than we can fund; in 2007, for example, we funded four of nine proposals, of which seven were well worth funding.

Incoming Cognitive Science Fellowships

Each year, five outstanding incoming graduate students admitted to departments affiliated with Cognitive Science are awarded Cognitive Science University Fellowships. These fellowships are a valuable recruiting tool, and serve to foster interdisciplinary connections for graduate students at an early stage. Members of the Cognitive Science Program Committee nominate candidates from among the students admitted to their programs. Winners are chosen by the entire Committee on the bases of the overall quality of their applications and the interdisciplinarity of their background and interests. Once at Northwestern, the fellowship students join with other students in the Graduate Specialization.

For 2015-2016, the incoming fellowships went to Psychology, Computer Science, Learning Sciences, and Communications Sciences and Disorders.

There is no time limit on when you can become a Specialist. Email the Cognitive Science program assistant, Benjamin Dionysus, to find out how to do this. Back to top