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Dr. Ric Ashley wins Outstanding Publication Award

November 26, 2019

Professor Ric Ashley, an Affiliated Faculty member in Music Cognition, has been recognized with a Citation of Special Merit by the Society for Music Theory.

The Outstanding Publication Awards are for “significant contributions to music theory, analysis, or history of theory.”  The Citation of Special Merit, is given for “editions, translations, reference works, edited volumes, and other types of publications that are of extraordinary value to the discipline.”

 The citation for Dr. Ashley's award read:

The volume selected for the Citation of Special Merit encompasses a variety of methodological approaches, but from beginning to end, it is uniquely motivated by a concern to describe the nature of musical experience. The forty-two essays included in it come from disciplines such as computer science, neuroscience, psychology, and from various subfields of music studies. Music theorists are well represented in it, and the volume engages music-theoretical questions with a depth that its proper field has long promised but not always delivered. This encyclopedic volume gives us an extraordinary record of this field reaching its maturity and it sets a sophisticated standard for future research. The recipient of the Citation of Special Merit is The Routledge Companion to Music Cognition, edited by Richard Ashley and Renee Timmers.

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